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Growing Up Green in Bearwood & Smethwick

" I am excited to be a part of growing up green, because I think children and young people are naturally ecologically aware and exploring and developing this will help us to create a better world for them and with them. "
Jenny, Bear Bookshop
No upcoming events at the moment

Bearwood Welly Bank - launching this Growing Up Green week! 

Bearwood Welly Bank offers free pre-loved outdoor clothing and footwear for babies, children and adults. Our goal is to help families re-use outdoor wear and prevent it going to landfill – good for the environment and good for families’ bank balances! 

Visit our first Welly Swap on 1st October at Bearwood Community Hub and join the Welly Bank through our Facebook group:  

Get to Know Your Trees at Warley Woods

Why not take part in a marvellous Tree Trail especially created for #GrowingUpGreen by the Warley Woods team? 'Know Your Trees' encourages you to look and see if you can find the 6 trees identified on the sheet and put a tick by the ones you see. You will learn how to spot the trees, by their leaves, seeds/nuts/berries and trunks. There are a lot of them here! 

Paper copies are available at The Pavilion shop or you download your trail sheet here

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