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The programme aims to give young people the toolkit for change centred around the climate crisis and community engagement.


Date and time

Wed, 28 September 2022

16:00 – 18:00 via Zoom register here.


About this event

The programme aims to give young people aged 16yrs+ and adults who work with young people the toolkit for change centred around the climate crisis and community engagement. The training will allow you to build and use sessions based around types of direct action, understanding community needs, and dealing with eco anxiety.

Young people are making positive contributions here in the West Midlands and in communities across the world. We know that, given the appropriate opportunities and support, young people are playing key and meaningful roles in the development of strategy and action to address the climate emergency. 

In designing this training program, we wanted to help young people develop themselves and hone their leadership skills. The training is based on the principle that young people are not just future leaders;

Young people are leaders of today and tomorrow. 

The training is delivered by Elania Hunt. Elania has worked within environmental activism for over three years and has worked with the likes of Climate Action network West Midlands, Birmingham Youth Strike for climate, Northfield Arts Forum, and Extinction rebellion. 

Most notably, they took a pioneering role in the development of the Climate Champions programme and has successfully facilitated its roll out into schools and youth groups. The programme aims to develop young people’s skills, and fully support them in becoming the future change makers. The sessions offer participants the space to explore and develop their ideas, make vital connections in their communities, understand the process of project development, and most importantly protect their wellbeing within work that often presents various barriers.

As well as facilitating Climate champions, Elania has been a part of organising groups for Birmingham’s Fridays for future strikes, mobilising some 1000 local citizens in the September 2019 strike, and providing Kings Heath with a free, awareness raising and child friendly festival in the same year (Festivals for Future). Elania is the young people's curator for Growing Up Green.

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